Kimberlina Power Plant

Clean Energy Systems' Kimberlina Power Plant (KPP) is the world largest oxy-fuel combustion facility. This former 5 MWe biomass power plant is now host to most of CES' testing and demonstration equipment. It is laid out primarily for R&D, sub-commercial, and commercial operations and today is home to:

The 40-acre site provides ample space for both future R&D programs and continuous full scale commercial operations. It is ideally situated - wedged in between heavy and light oil fields thirsty for steam and CO2, in the middle of the water-deprived nut and fruit orchards of of the Central Valley, and sitting on top of a WESTCARB-identified CO2 storage field. The site is also host to Areva Solar's Kimberlina Solar-Thermal demonstration facility (currently non-operational).

Placerita Power Plant

Clean Energy Systems' Placerita Power Plant (PPP), a former 120 MWe combined heat and power plant (CHP), sits tucked away in the hills of the Placerita oil field, close to Santa Clarita in the north of LA county. CES acquired the facility in early 2011 after it had been idle since 2008. It allows CES to deploy equipment in a wide variety of configurations while building on a wealth of existing infrastructure, such as a 120 MWe power interconnect and a gas pipeline interconnect.

CES also acquired land surrounding PPP, including the associated mineral rights, to provide for an ideal test site for power a CES CHP concept producing steam for thermal oil recovery, while selling zero-emission power into the Californian power grid.