"Deploying technology that makes 'Power without Pollution' a reality."

Safe, reliable power that doesn't compromise the environment: It's been our mission since the beginning.

Clean Energy Systems has successfully transitioned proven and reliable rocket engine combustion principles into a flexible and economically attractive energy generation system for our planet. CES technology enables cleaner and more efficient co-generation of power, steam, water, and CO2 and offers the world a new perspective on the way we assess the value of natural resources.

Our core competence allows us to precision engineer complex and intricate technology solutions that meet your needs, be it in combustion, partial combustion, heat transfer, or other applications. Among others, it enables us to precisely control the conversion of a wide variety of fuels with oxygen in oxy-combustion processes. Oxy-fuel combustion generates a drive gas composed of predominantly steam and CO2. This uniquely efficient process allows our customers to profitably utilize fuels that would otherwise be marginal or uneconomic for commercial energy generation. 

Facilitated through partnerships with our customers and shareholders and enabled by an exceptional research and demonstration facility, CES has developed and built a unique product portfolio. Centered around customized precision-engineered components, our portfolio encompasses 20 to 200 MW steam and CO2 generators, drive gas re-heaters, steam/water separators, pressurized heat recovery systems, 30 to 150 MWe expander turbines, and more. These solutions are ready to fulfill our customers' needs for zero emissions power, enhanced oil recovery, and the expansion of natural resource assets.

CES currently holds license agreements with several partners including Maersk Oil & Gas, Paramount Resources, and the Paxton Corporation.

What We've Achieved

  • Proprietary zero emissions technology for creating large volumes of high pressure, high temperature steam, CO2 gas and clean water in a very small footprint
  • We manufacture the key gas generators (30-200 MWt with multiple unit manifolding) and will supply this to major OEMs as part of worldwide EOR and power generation projects


  • Diverse commercial applications➯Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) – CO2 and/or steam➯Fast response power turbines (Startup < 2 min.)
  • Monetization of contaminated natural gas
  • Zero-emission base load power generation (ZEPP)
  • Strong (32) patent portfolio and a 5-10 year lead over the competition