Clean Energy Systems has developed game-changing technology that is revolutionizing the power industry by eliminating the traditional power plant stack and making zero-emission power plants a standard installation

Based on proven rocket technology, the CES oxy-fuel combustor produces clean, high-energy drive gases for the generation of electrical power. The incorporation of oxy-fuel combustion technology into conventional power generation systems makes zero-emissions power plants (ZEPPs) based on fossil fuels practical today. 

ZEPPs have multiple advantages, including compact and lower cost equipment, greater cycle efficiencies with advanced turbines, complete carbon capture and sequestration of the carbon dioxide (CO2) effluent, and zero emissions (or ultra-low emissions when the exhaust is vented to the atmosphere as in a peaking power plant).


High pressure/high temperature (HPHT) drive gas generators, turbo-expanders, and reheaters utilizing proprietary rocket-engine combustion principles.