REHEAT Combustors

The Clean Energy Systems reheat combustor, or reheater, dramatically improves the efficiency of combined steam and gas turbine power cycles by boosting the drive gas to turbine inlet temperatures typically associated with gas turbines and even beyond. The principles behind the reheater are essentially the same as applied in the CES drive gas generator but exchanging water with steam as coolant. 

Beyond the application in intermediate pressure turbines, such as the OFT-900, CES reheat combustors also find application in upgrading and homogenizing your solar thermal or geothermal steam source. CES reheaters enable more powerful and higher energy extraction capabilities, allowing you to boost and maintain renewable steam sources to temperatures of up to 3,200 °F for higher efficiency utilization.

CES reheaters can be integrated into all types of geothermal power cycles. Augmenting the dry steam produced or the indirectly generated steam from hot water, allow for the implementation in dry-steam cycles, flash steam cycles, or binary cycles. CES reheaters can further augment the efficiency of integrated solar combined cycle or more traditional concentrated solar power plants.

OFT900 Reheater_Cut Away