CES is Conducting a Feasibility Study into the Development and Deployment of Carbon Negative "BioCCS" Power Plants

CES is investigating the deployment of new advanced carbon negative power plants into the California energy market. These plants use CES’ proven oxy-fuel combustion technology to burn a gasified biomass fuel to produce clean steam to power turbines.  The plant then captures and permanently sequesters more than 99% of the produced carbon, effectively pulling carbon dioxide from the air and cleaning the atmosphere. CES plans to first deploy a small-scale commercial “BioCCS” plant at its Kimberlina Facility located in the southern central valley before deploying a fleet of these new advanced carbon negative plants across the state.  To learn more about CES’ BioCCS development efforts see our carbon negative energy page.

Oxy-fuel Turbo Machinery Development for Energy Intensive Industrial Applications


Through the support of the US Department of Energy, Clean Energy Systems, Inc. and its development partners have designed, manufactured, and tested and industrial-scale oxy-fuel turbine, suitable for applications in oxy-combustion power cycles that capture greater than 99% of produced carbon dioxide. To save on development cost and schedule, a used industrial gas turbine, an SGT-900 811/12 engine, was purchase, disassembled and inspected, then retro-fitted to act as an intermediate-pressure, hot gas expander. Also, the engine's air-breathing combustors were converted into oxy-fuel reheaters to boost turbine inlet temperatures and therefore, cycle efficiencies. A dedicated test rig was designed, fabricated, instrumented, and installed at an existing test facility to demonstrate reheater performance prior to install and operations within the oxy-fuel turbine. Component test results prove the feasibility of gas turbine conversion to oxy-fuel turbine, however further testing is recommended to further verify performance at higher power levels, and longer durations.

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