CES Invited to Speak at the World Hydrogen Technologies Convention

Through collaboration with the Institute of Applied Energy (IAE), Clean Energy Systems was an invited speaker at the World Hydrogen Technologies Convention (WHTC). This year’s Convention marks the eighth meeting of global scientific, industrial, governmental and general audiences to exchange ideas and present the latest research findings and technologies for realizing a hydrogen society. Keith Pronske, CES’ President and CEO, presented on “Carbon-Negative Hydrogen Production and Utilization in Advanced Pressurized Oxy-Combustion Cycles.” The talk focused on a realistic path to zero-emission, advanced pressurized hydrogen-oxygen power cycles capable of efficiencies as high as 70%!

The 8th World Hydrogen Technologies Convention (WHTC 2019) was held in Tokyo, Japan, from June 2 to 7, 2019. Hosted by the Hydrogen Energy Systems Society of Japan, the Convention offered lectures, exhibitions, and technical tours exhibiting the most recent research findings. Japan was an excellent host as the country is seen as a pioneer of hydrogen energy technologies.