Brad Anderson

Chief Engineer 

Mr. Anderson has served as the Chief Engineer at Clean Energy Systems since July of 2011. He oversees all combustion technology engineering and design efforts in development of new technologies, as well as the redesign of older technologies as materials, needs, and capabilities change with time.

Prior to his work at CES, Mr. Anderson served as a lead engineer at Aerojet for 30 years. He has technical expertise in platelet designs as well as liquid rocket engine components including injectors, igniters, chambers, gas generators, nozzles (regeneratively cooled, radiation cooled and ablative type), support structures, gimbals, and feed systems. Prior to his work for Aerojet, Mr. Anderson was employed at Lockheed Missiles and Space Co. where he worked as a packaging and handling engineer.

Mr. Anderson holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from LeTourneau University, Longview Texas. He also holds multiple U. S. Patents and has published technical studies and reports for government and industry.